Well, Architects design whole structure of the site in conformance to the standards prescribed by the local government bodies. Their work is more of technical in nature that handles each inch of the space including electrical, plumbing, lighting and in some cases areas like floor plans etc. They also work on the interior architecture and are even authorized to make changes to the designs, if any. Interior designers are more responsible for creating functional and comfortable living spaces. They deal with human psychology and emotional connect between human beings and spaces. Interior designers can only make changes to the design of the living spaces and cannot interfere with the design of the actual site structure.

No. The first consultation is complimentary/free for smaller projects, like a home/villa or a simple construction plan. However, for bigger construction projects we do charge a nominal consultation fee.

We will meet to discuss your plans/goals, inspect your site, understand your budgetary considerations to review and come up with a definitive focused plan of action or design ideas that help you get started.

We work on turnkey and consultancy modes. Turnkey projects are where we take over the entire responsibility from project start to finish/execution. This includes the entire scope of work ranging from designing to labor to material and execution. Consultancy mode is like we provide specialised one-off services from the entire scope of work in each case. These services include space planning, 3D visualization services, landscape design services, construction coordination, construction documentation etc. Each of this piece-work is charged separately.

Yes. Our designs and drawings are prepared keeping mobile interfaces in mind and are compatible for access in whatsapp, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.